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    2019 ASECAN Awards Nomination

    Nominated for the 2019 ASECAN Awards of the Andalusian Cinema in the category of Best Book of Cinema for La armonía en las bandas sonoras del cine español de los noventa [Harmony in the Spanish Soundtracks of the Nineties]. The Red Carpet Ceremony was held in Lope de Vega Theater (Seville) on January 26th, 2019.

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    “El ratoncito Pérez” [Perez, the little mouse] Recording Session, original music for a performance by the Lamov Ballet Company

    Music: Sergio Lasuén

    Soloists: Laura Recuero (flute), María Fernández (oboe), Javier Delgado (clarinet), Ma. Victoria Folgado (basson), Rafael Máñez (horn), Antonio Priego (trumpet), Azahara Escobar (cello) y Antonio González Écija (guitar).

    Recorded at the Fortissimo Studio (Lucena, Córdoba) by Javier JanAid and Daniel Lucó.

    Mixing and mastering at Cinematic Composing Studio (Los Angeles, USA) by Marc Jovani.

    8_Ratón Exterior (end):

    6_Aparición abuelos (beginning):

    11_Laura y Lucas:

  • portada_la_armonia en las bandas sonoras del cine español de los noventa

    Book: Harmony In The Spanish Soundtracks Of The Nineties

    Based on a PhD dissertation awarded with the Musicology Award 2017 by Spanish Musicological Society.

    Prologue by Pascal Gaigne (Goya 2018 for the Best Original Music).

    “Speaking or writing film music in the language of musicians is not common in bibliography. And to do this without decontextualizing the music of its images, is even rarer. Sergio Lasuén creates a new path in that sense, with a fundamental work to help us understand, from within, the music of Spanish cinema of recent times” . Josep Lluís i Falcó, University of Barcelona

    «I think that it is a very serious, rigorous, exhaustive and interesting work that could be of interest to students of applied music composition». José Nieto, composer

    More info: book.lasuen.esAcademia de Cine.

  • Cartel Premio Musicología

    Spanish Musicological Society 2017 Award

    The Spanish Musicological Society (SEdeM) has awarded the Musicology Award 2017 to the PhD dissertation  «La armonía como elemento de comunicación en procesos creativos globales: evidencias empíricas e interpretación valorativa en el cine español de los noventa» [Harmony as an element of communication in Global Creative Processes: empirical evidence and evaluative interpretation in Spanish cinema of the nineties]. Official Statementnewspaper.

  • Arsis, included in an Itinerant Classics CD

    Arsis, included in an Itinerant Classics CD

    Arsis, a chamber work composed by Sergio Lasuén and played by Matritum ensemble (Fl, Cl, Vln, Vc, Pno) is included in Galaica Musica, a CD published by Itinerant Classics and The Recording Consort. Other composers on this CD are Johan Amberg, Israel L. Estelche and Federico Mosquera.

    Links: Spotify, Amazon.

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    What do nanoparticles sound like?

    What do nanoparticles sound like? Premiere Concert. In collaboration with the Nanotechnology Samca chair of the University of Zaragoza. Sponsored by the Institute of Engineering Research of Aragon and the CAI Foundation.
    March 17, 2016. CAI Luzan (Zaragoza)
    Research project directed by Dr. José Ramón Beltrán
    Music producers: Sergio Lasuén and Carlos Hollers
    Virgilio Pardo (sax)
    Carlos Hollers (electronic music)
    Sergio Lasuén (piano)
    Fernando Lope (didgeridoo and percussion)
    Ricardo Villalta (violin)
    Paula Angulo (violin)
    Andrea Oliva (viola)
    Germán Barrio (cello)

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Sergio Lasuén

Improvisation and Music Theory Professor at Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga; Creative Content Manager at appliedharmony.com; PhD at the University of Granada. University Lecturer of the Patrimonio Musical Interuniversity Master Degree (UGR-UNIA-University of Oviedo) and board member and co-founder of the Sociedad de Análisis y Teoría Musical (Satmus)

His PhD dissertation, which analyzes the harmony in interdisciplinary projects focused on the Spanish cinema of the nineties, received the 2017 Musicology Award granted by the Spanish Musicological Society (SEdeM) . This research also achieved an International Mention thanks to his time spent overseas at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey (USA).

His work encompasses all levels of teaching at Conservatoires and he has managed several Composition Departments and Schools of Music. As a composer, he has achieved international awards for his film scores. He is also musical adviser and composer for the Research Group on Digital Audio Engineering Department of Electronics and Communications at the University of Zaragoza since 2003.

Author of the book La armonía en las bandas sonoras del cine español de los noventa, nominated for the ASECAN 2019 Awards, he is currently one of the most respected Spanish scholars in the study of harmony in popular music and interdisciplinary projects. His work is predominantly published in peer-reviewed journals and he has been invited to talk by prestigious national and international institutions and universities.