Undoubtedly, teaching and research have always been present throughout his entire career. Being only 21 years old, he was appointed the director of the Mozart Academy of Music (Zuera, Zaragoza) and during the next eight years he started and organized six State Music Schools in different counties in the province of Zaragoza. Subsequently, and after getting a position at the state education on Composition, he led the Composition Departments of Professional Conservatories of Music in Lucena (Córdoba) and Linares (Jaén), to finally settle down at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Cordoba in 2008.

With research being a fundamental part of his teaching task, he has been traditionally focused on different aspects of harmony. However, after his successful time in the company “Dies Irae” and his entry in the Research Group on Digital Audio of the Electronic Engineering and Communications Department in the University of Zaragoza, this line of work is extended to target on the interaction of music with other artistic disciplines in a broad range of interdisciplinary works. He is currently working on his thesis, which studies harmony as means of communication in global creative processes and, more specifically, its applications in film making.